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I appreciate foreign talents but not foreign trash.

A guy, Irwin Koh Wei Jian, a student from PSB

and Kaplan

He came to my facebook to comment and then delete his comments.
But people who’ve been checking out the post would have seen how he makes baseless accusations.
He’s blatantly trying to hide all the unethical things that happen in his schools but he’s ignorant about what they’ve emailed me.

Then came his supporters...

Alif Sapuan

Chia HweeYang (Sebastian)

Evelyn Ang

Maya Sivamany

Stellena Victoria Lee


Today, Khe Singapore came to my wall claiming to be Kaplan Singapore FB Team.

I wonder if the account represents Kaplan.

Who doesn’t know that I’ve got evidences of schools doing unethical act of giving out examination papers questions and answers for students to memories and regurgitate during the actual exam?

That was since 2011.
Actually, it’s 2010, just that I started blogging about it in 2011, so one can only read up till then.

If you guys keep claiming I’m spreading rumor and it isn’t true, why not allow me to reveal everything?
It’s like online, I see comments that I’m lying and then privately emailing me telling me to keep this under cover and not expose it?
Although uploading the entire name list of lecturers, students and exam papers requires time, I’m willing.
People can then see for themselves right?

There’s also someone called Psb Tan who commented but he deleted his comments, I don’t want to disclose what he commented right now.
Like I’ve said, I’m waiting for any representative from any of the schools to give me the green light to release all the information.

Here’s a conversation that I had today with my PRC friend, inviting her to come to Singapore

I do not hate PRCs or foreigners.
I appreciate foreign talents but not foreign trash.

People should stop commenting then deleting comments, do you want me to print screen what you’ve said?


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