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Kaplan and PSB produce students who insult and threaten others with lawsuits.

Yesterday, I talked about Irwin Koh Wei Jian, a student from Kaplan and PSB.

The son of

Together with this male

Both known as Jessie Yang Yang and Thomas Koh

The brother of Wayne Corwin Koh

Apparently, there are people following the post.
He thinks that by commenting and deleting his comments means nothing happened.
He’s ignorant that there are many people following the post and they’ve print screen it.

So there’s no point in deleting at all

He actually sabotaged my profile as well.

The first time, I didn’t managed to get hold of it, but I did the second time.

As well as the third time.

So now you can see for yourselves what kinda students these Privates Education Institutes are producing.

The people from those private schools have hacked into my accounts and are trying to deactivate both my facebook page and profile, with that, I’m unable to post anything online right now.

And with these schools keeping silent about it, you can be sure that I’m right.

You can cause my facebook posts and comments to be deleted or maybe to the extent that I can never access my accounts again but you can’t possibly delete what others have spread online as well as the fact that private schools give out examination questions and answers for students to memorize and regurgitate during the actual examination.


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