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One of the many EASB’s examination papers questions and answers.

Today I realise, there’s actually one post on HWZ about me saying that I’m fierce:
Am I fierce compared to what they commented about me?

There’s one post on hardwarezone that caught my attention.

Since when did I say I had access to their secured site?
I didn’t at all; it’s their lecturers that I’ve already named who disseminated these papers out to students.
If people don’t want to admit to what they did wrong, then we’ll just see each other in court again, apparently, those evidences were sent to Council for Private Education long ago.
You can ask them for more information if you want.

And I saw EASB people insulting me and they questioned if I really did found out back in 2010.

They say that actually, diploma papers can be found anywhere.
But can answer sheet?

Then why are there people saying that I hack into their systems?
Prove to me how I hack then.

I’ve already listed who are the people involved.
Since EASB have people who want me to prove.

Here’s the link to EASB examination, it actually didn’t start in 2010 but even way before that, it’s just that I found out in 2010.


Advanced Diploma:

Apparently, some people told me not to disclose their Degree, which is the final paper as this will then bring in overseas universities as well and cause their long well hidden secret be brought to light.

PSB people have apparently, deleted their comments so I will not release their information.

But if like what those rumours about the schools wanting to sue me is true.

I will not hesitate to release everything to protect myself.

Do not back me into a corner.


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