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One of the many Kaplan’s examination papers questions and answers.

Someone with the user name “sanjiko” who appears to be from Kaplan created a thread on Hardwarezone:

I was lodging a police report against a Kaplan student at the same time; we probably know who that person is.

Since you’re so free, why do you quote randomly instead of reading everything on fb, blog etc?

Then you’ll find out how I always think of people who thinks that I’m from China or Japan or Korea.

So to prove I’m a Singaporean I must talk like that lah?

Lame =.=

People, apparently those schools kept quiet because they are guilty as I’ve received legal letters not to expose them and help them keep it under cover.

Since they’re not protecting me and Kaplan’s students keep saying they hope that I’ll be sued, I’ll now release one of the many examination papers and answers.

Kaplan’s full-time lecturers:
Esmond Lim
Chris Leong
Raymond Ang
Jeffrey Ho
Anand Naidu
Thong Boon Koh
Andy Low
Dipan Kmehta

Kaplan’s part-time lecturers:

Kaplan’s examination questions and answers are protected with their common password ‘kaplan’.



The files have to be downloaded before one can view it as the file is password protected.
It’s ACTUAL examination papers questions and answers, not hint.
Kaplan’s students ought to now go back to school and check on these lecturers instead.


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