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Friday, 15 March 2013

SDP proposes scheme to screen foreign PMETs

Focus on fertility not foreign workforce: NSP
Worker’s Party‘s population paper calls for higher citizen numbers

NSP talked about creating a family friendly environment where there will be an increase in population but local population rather than having more foreigners.
WP somehow seems to be on the same side as PAP but not that extreme in the sense that they lowered everything PAP proposed.

SDP now is solving problems from the roots of it.
SDP proposes scheme to screen foreign PMETs which is one of the main reasons why many Singaporeans are unemployed.

Look at our current Singapore now.

From hotels
to F&Bs
They are all foreigners.

I was talking to the managers at Swensen’s two weeks ago about the closure of their outlet at Holland village.
I said I no longer went there because there’s this PRC waitress who always give me water that’s dirty, I even saw her dipping her hands into the cup.

You can go to these places and check it yourselves, talk to them; can these foreigners understand or even speak a proper sentence of English?
No, they can’t.
Yet, they’ve the paper qualification and all other documents required for them to stay and work in Singapore.
Some can even invite their entire family to Singapore.

Shouldn’t we look at where they got their certificates?

Are they from local universities?
No, local universities are still governed by some standards.
Are they from private universities?
Well, high chance a yes, in fact, from my information, 100% of them got their degree in Singapore.

Schools that sell their degree include Kaplan, EABS, PSB and probably more but these are what I’ve got evidences about.
Like what I’ve proved back in 2011, schools that give out examination questions and answers for students to memorize and regurgitate during the actual examination.
Do the authorities know about these?
Yes, they do.
Do they care?

So how did they come to Singapore?
There are many ways and one sure fire way is to look at the classmates of those who are currently undergoing education in Singapore, from primary to junior college.
When I was in JC, more than 80% of my classmates are from china.
Now my principal back then is under the check of CPIB if you read the news.

See what I mean now?

Singapore is now like back to how it was or how it has always been, a trading port.
Just that now, we’re trading humans.
Foreigners are willing to pay taxes so that some people can have cars for themselves and their wives, while average Singaporeans have Kars.

If you Singaporeans complain too much, go and retire in Malaysia.
If you can’t then live with it, be unemployed in your own country because foreigners can accept lower wages.

Didn’t our ministers say so?