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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Singapore Changi Airport terminal 1 to 3.

It’s been three days.
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
It’s tiring, just applied medicine on my shoulders :(

That’s the outcome of standing for long, carrying heavy items and intensive cleaning of the house =(

On Sunday, I bought


And I stood on the train throughout the trip

I was tired.

On Monday, I bought

And I walked the stretch of road….
My arms were like gonna break.

Tuesday, I bought groceries for the house and carried them all by myself.
I don’t believe in maid =.=

I doubt I’ve got much strength left as I clean and scrub the house.
I saw lizard poop, ants and their :S

Yeah, right…

But my shoulders are in pain right now.

Anyway, those photos are not exactly photos because I find it too troublesome to take photos so I took videos; they’re still shots from my videos.

No one’s at home so I talked to the camera.

Today’s Wednesday and I’m going to town, probably won’t be buying so much today.