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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Who can see the injustice and be her voice to the grievances?

There used to be a little girl, she was pure, innocent, naïve…

She thinks that as long as the people around her are happy, she’ll be happy too.

People called her little miss sunshine, wherever she goes, smiles there will be.

One day, she was being tricked up a pirate ship that disguises itself as a cruise.

She, being gullible, walked the path to her death, or a life worse than death.

On the ship, hard she worked. She met people like that of Cinderella’s stepfamily.

Suppressed, bullied, insulted, humiliated, physically abused...

She became a mute.

She was hurt, physically, emotionally, mentally…

There are words that she wanna say, but she can’t.

The only way she can be heard is when she yelped, like a dog.

But even that, it’s not even a percent of what she wanna say.

People threatened her, disgraced her, but that was the only way people will hold onto her, ask her what happened, what does she want?

But she can’t voice it out, it’s silence.

People don’t understand.

No one bother to find out what happened to her.

They think that she’s a beggar seeking attention, acting or anything else negative.

She’s a mute.

But no one managed to find out why.

Who can see the injustice and be her voice to the grievances?