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Young mothers who claim to be young when they are around 30s.

Recently there're so many viral posts by people who claimed to be young mothers.
There are many mothers out there but I don’t exactly see any YOUNG mothers who are complaining, I’ve got peers my age who are currently pregnant but they're not complaining.
What’s your definition of young?
xiaxue is currently pregnant, she calls herself young, is she really young?
These claim to be young mothers are complaining about more money being required to support a new live.
Like what do you need to buy?
Milk powder or formula?
Why don’t you breastfeed them?
Don’t you know breast feeding is good and can help you gain back the figure you had before pregnancy?
If it's painful, what's the pain compared to going through liposuction when you have a better and natural option?
Why don’t you stay at home but want to send your children to childcare?
Why don’t you teach your children at home?
That leads to the next point on education.
Parents claim that education is expensive.
That’s a lie, education is free in Singapore at least for the first six years, unless you want to send them to sap schools and tuitions?
Why do you even need that when you're there for your children?
My parents are uneducated and my sibling and I don’t attend tuition but all of us went in junior colleges not forgetting that we went to play at the playground and walk around arcade during GCE examination periods.
In my family, our CPF are created between as young as 14 and not beyond 16.
So I’m now speaking from the point of view from a family with an income of 1k
Since we're classified as "poor" we bought the smallest 3-room flat in Singapore.
Don’t you think it's funny how so many Singaporeans scrim and save just to buy an executive condominium?
If you did read the recent article telling parents to let their children pick up skills and with Singaporeans complaining about china bus drivers
How many Singaporeans even hold a class 3 license?
Hardly any as most who hold one will be 3a as they give up half way while learning.
So why do Singaporeans guys give up so easily?
Why don’t they work as bus drivers so we won’t have the china bus drivers’ riots etc?
Did people think about why marriages are not working out?
As much as people say that guys are pressurized and girls are materialistic, these girls are groomed since young.
I was at science center back then and there was this girl who asked how do ferns reproduce, I was like, through the spores in spores bag, she asked me, what's spores bag?
Why don’t they put it in LV bag?
I asked her who taught her that, she said her mom told her to find a boyfriend who can buy her an LV bag.
Then her mom came behind and smiled proudly, yes, only a rich man can be my daughter's husband.
Wow, then how about those guys who are poor but hardworking?
It then came to the alternative media in Singapore, if you read their comments; they are always asking where the 60% who voted for PAP are.
I believe they are online, look at the number of pages that supports pap compared to opposition?
But why are there so many nasty comments against the pap?
Because these pages by the opposition blocks the people who supports pap, compared to pap pages that'll just delete your comments but they won’t blog you.
As a resident of tanjong pagar grc, let's be honest, I’ve never seen opposition here, I didn’t even see them attempt.
However, pap better not en bloc where I stay because I’ve just renovated my home and I’m poorer than how poor I used to be
As much as guys say they are jobless, why don’t they sign on to army?
My batch of peers who signed on had benefits for both them and their wives but those who didn’t are now out and always spending money like as though they fall from the sky by going clubbing etc.
They’ll before the next election fall into the category of people claiming money’s not enough.
Maybe if the girls cut down on branded items from bags to clothes to shoes to makeup etc and if the guys cut down on their gadgets to outings to movies to arcades etc…
Money will be enough.
Not siding anyone but sometimes, people ought to be reasonable and not make up stories.


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