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Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's a month since 15 March 2013.

It’s been ten days and I’m still waiting for CPE to reply me.

The first email was sent on 5 April 2013:
Of course my blog are not lies, I’m honest.

I did two follow up, didn’t they say they would reply in three days?

Shouldn't we clarify whatever misunderstandings or wrong concept or mentality that the public is having?

That Andy Ong refuse to pick up my call and his colleagues refuse to divert my call to him yet he keep telling the reporter things that are untrue and he doesn’t wanna clarify anything at all as he is not replying to any of the emails being sent so what could possibly be the reason for him to wanna let the public have the wrong idea especially now that Kaplan publish article that claims that they are a good school and EASB also claims that they will sue me?

Why is CPE giving EDUtrust to PEIs that give out exam papers questions and answers for students to memorize and regurgitate during the actual examination?

The schools will not sue me.
Like I said, these are not allegations as they have been proven as facts.
In no way are they considered as defamation as I'm purely sharing my personal experience on my own blog and facebook.
It is indeed true that I did set those examination papers questions and answers as well as marking the examination scripts.

I am not trying to make those qualifications illegitimate.
Rather, I would like people to stand up against such unethical acts.

At the end of the day, we have to consider who gains the most out of all these?
It's not me as I'm being slandered and defamed.

With those qualifications given away like this, who will be the one getting jobs and who will lose their jobs?

I'm thankful for all the supports that I have and people who went through this with me.
It's obvious that the people supporting them are their current batch of students as they have paid money and do not want their qualifications to be deemed illegitimate.
But with so many of such "papers" in the society, won't they be considered as valueless?

One's ability is not determined by a piece of paper.
It helps to open doors but it's still your capability that decides at the end of the day.
facebook's billionaire, Mark Zuckerburg, did not have a degree.

The best way to keep something bad from happening is to see it ahead of time and you can't see it if you refuse to.
Are we condoning such acts?

All I am doing right now is that I've witnessed unethical acts in the education sector.
We should not allow such immorality but should stand up against it.

Think about it.
What kind of society do we want our future generation to live in?

I can stand up against these acts; shouldn’t all Singaporeans stand up together in unity and protect our own country?