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I’ve decided to be magnanimous and not stoop to their level.

Celebrity blogger.

How does it feel to be a celebrity blogger?
We know what a blogger is.
Like me, I blog so I’m a blogger.
And that word…
It doesn’t make me feel good.
To me, a celebrity is someone like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spear, Gwen Stefani.
Then my fren told me, celebrity just means you’re famous.
I was like “WHAT?!” to me, celebrity= millionaire.
I’m not a millionaire, so I’m not a celebrity, I’m Hui Hui =)

Everyone or at least a lot of people, have this wrong concept that celebrity bloggers earn big buck.
Come on! I don’t earn a single cent.

So now that my blog has like ten and thousands of views, what can I do?

Let’s go back to how this blog was started…

This blog was started because spaces was down and I was new to wordpress, as I explored the functions, I accidentally deleted the entire blog and the web address was no longer available, so I decided to come blogger.

At that point in time, I was devastated, my poems, my verses, my memories…

There were comments of comforts telling me to create another blog to blog about them, there were also some people trying to be funny as well.

So yeah.
There are MNCs coming to me, but I didn’t accept, because I don’t want to become someone who says all the pleasant stuffs just cause they paid me to.
I mean, a blog is a website on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. right?

I don’t exactly like it whenever I publish something online, within the next 24hours, I see people trying to be like me.
It’s like “Hey! That’s me, my trademark, whatcha tryna do huh?”

That’s the reason why I no longer change my profile picture.
I’m trying to look at things positively, like “awww… people wanna be me, they wanna be like Han Hui Hui”

Do you like it when someone mimics you whenever you talk?

So I started downgrading everything that I write.
I no longer share my poems, my verses, my things publicly.
After I pen all the things that I wanna write down, I’ll reduce it and only publish less than 50%.

I’m bad, I admit.

Going back to the topic.
Bloggers are also classified into two groups: hobby blogger (like me :) and professional blogger (where the most popular ones get you a price tag of 25K at most)

So people tried persuading me to make some money outta of my blog.

The girls told me to just be like them, and put on makeup, because sooner or later, one day, I’ll still put it on, like on my wedding.
Nah, kidding, they told me to give them the free makeup while I keep the money.
And I told the guys about it.
Actually, I probably won’t put on makeup on my wedding as well, 99% sure.

Ivy recently commented on my facebook page.

When I wake up in the morning, I rather laze on my bed than to get up and put on makeup.
As how nature has made us, guys are supposed to attract girls, not the other way round.

I used to vlog, but I stopped because of my voice.
I tried hard, people who did it with me know how hard I tried, but I still sound like a kid, like my looks, so what can I do?

People told me to do some kiddy things on my blog.
Because I’m good with kids, you’ll never see a child crying beside me, unless he or she did something wrong.

So now, I’m thinking, what should I do?

Anyway, my friends told me not to stoop to the level of those people and since they’ve admit their mistake now that I’ve published the papers, let bygones be bygones :)


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