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LIM KOK SOON from EASB East Asia Institute of Management threatens to sue HAN HUI HUI

You wanna sue me?
Sue me for defamation?
Please, you can’t sue an honest person like me for defamation =.=

So first, Kaplan and PSB produce students who insult and threaten others with lawsuits.
Today, EASB, had a representative called LIM KOK SOON, holding the position of Director, Student Student Services (what’s this? Are you trying to say Students? I know I set your exam papers and come out with the answer sheets, must I also help to correct errors on your website?), who said that they’ve made police report and want to sue me.
They even said Council for Private Education in Singapore knows about it as well.
Of course, they know about it.

They know about it since 2011, LOL!

You’re not the first to threaten to sue me and you will not be the first who I get into lawsuit with because of my facebook and blog.

Some people said that my life is gonna be ruined.

I’m merely wanting to reveal the other 99% of the story but I can’t right now unless I get into a lawsuit.
If they were to ignore me and kept silent, I can’t expose the unethical acts that have been done.
I’ve been going to the media since 2011 as well, CPE knows it and told me not to.
I’m thankful to THE REAL SINGAPORE for making my voice heard.

You can’t sue me for defamation, apparently, people have brought in many organizations but they forgot one that will be brought in when a lawsuit commence.

So I’m now waiting, waiting to clear my name.

The first word on my blog is honest, so I’m honest with everything.

In case you miss it, these are not allegations, as they have already been proven legit, so they are facts.

Quote number 1:
“Kindly be informed that our organisation is NOT a degree mill and that we are a 4 year Edutrusted PEI in Singapore.”
So what if you’re “Edutrusted” (if there’s even such a word)?
Do you know that there are over 100 of them in Singapore that’s “Edutrusted”?

Quote number 2:
“The blogger, Han Hui Hui, has posted some “slanderous” remarks and he/she is “stirring” public conversations for self gratification.”
How is it “slanderous” when it has already been proven as fact?
How did I stir public conversation when it was people who went to publish it on hardwarezone and EDMW?
What self-gratification do I gain?
Getting slanderous and libelous comments from your students?

Quote number 3:
“We wish to inform you that CPE is aware of his/her postings and a police report has been lodged by us thereof.”
Of course, CPE knows about it and don’t you know many other media also know about it SINCE 2011?
You’ve only lodged one police report?
I’ve lodged police report too saying that my life was peaceful and out of a sudden many people enjoy coming my wall to seek my attention.
Even the police questioned me why are people trying to dig up things years ago.

Quotes number 4:
“At an appropriate time, our corporate lawyer shall lodged a defamation suit against the blogger (Han Hui Hui) should our reputation be tarnished by him/ her or any third parties involved in this slander.”
May I know when that “appropriate time” is or it will never occur so that things will silently pass away?
How is it “defamation suit” when it has a precedent case that these are facts?
You’ve tarnished my reputation by saying that I’ve tarnished you when I’m being so honest on my blog talking about what I’ve went through in life.
Since you talk about lawsuit, do you know another government organization will be dragged in by you?

Quote number 5:
“It is our policy that Past Examination Papers are considered as non-classified documents by the Institute. This practice is consistent with top public schools / tertiary institutions in Singapore where examination papers are readily available to the public after they have been “used”. Also, our lecturers are given access to past examination questions and model answers, in the same way as “5 & 10 year series”.”
Are you sure?
Shall we try to see at least half your current student know how to do them?
Even if you insist and claim that exam questions are given out, how do you explain the answer sheets that I have?
Where did I get them?
Didn’t you check with your lecturers what happened?

Anyway, just to share with my readers:

It has come to my ears that one of the schools has taken action against the people involved.

One of the schools has decided to talk to me privately instead of suing me like what the rumor said.

Now we’ve got one school that openly declared to sue me, let’s see what happens.

If you’ve been my reader for long, you know what I've went through since I found out in 2010.
We’ll now sit and watch history repeats itself.

CPE knows about all these, they know about all these long ago.


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