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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Singapore Private Education Institutes examination papers are set by HAN HUI HUI

Yes, they are being set by me.

When I saw this:
I forgive their ignorance.

Two days ago, I thought since I’m no longer getting any cyber-attacks for a week,
I’ve decided to be magnanimous and not stoop to their level.
However, I was with reporters today and all of them back out because the schools tell lies.

Lie number 1:
Exam papers were never released and were kept within the lecturers.

Exam papers are always released to their students for them to memorize and regurgitate.

Lie number 2:
Our system was hacked by her.

I’m not a hacker, I’m a blogger and those papers are first seen by me because you sent the email and I set those papers which explains that’s why I have them.
Email sent by Kaplan:

My email has been blanked out to prevent hackers from hacking my email.
If I can be a hacker, everyone is hackers.

Lie number 3:
I do not know who HAN HUI HUI is; she’s never a student of us.

As if you don’t know who am I. Why should I be your student when I’m better than your lecturers? I’m the one who set YOUR examinations papers questions and I’m the one who came out with the answers, I even MARKED THEM!

PSB students and their marks:
You guys ought to call my professor HAN now!

Lie number 4:
We do not know how she got those papers and even the templates.

What a joke! You sent me the templates and coerced me into setting the papers for you.

Lie number 5:
Those papers are for them to practice as past years exam papers.

So first you said not released and now you said released? What contradiction is this? So you mean your current batch of students is doing this? People who’ve went down talked to your students who can’t even understand Basic English, who are you trying to fool by saying they are doing that now as practice? People did went down and talked to them, so did I.

Lie number 6:
We have failures, if we give out exam papers, they would have all passed.

Of course, if you remember this:
EASB re-sit examinations papers

Lie number 7:
We choose not to sue her for defamation.

You can’t sue someone for allegations that have already been proven legit.

You told lies and that’s why I’ve to release this information to protect my reputation.