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when G falls H rises

G Challenges the Citizens
17 The Pappies gathered for battle in Alternative Media, Online; they camped at a place called Internet, between Alternative Media and Facts.
2 Oppositions and the Citizens assembled and camped in AG, where they got ready to fight the Pappies.
3 The Pappies lined up on one side and the Citizens on another, with a space between them.
4 A man named G, from the city of SG, came out from the Puppy camp to challenge the Citizens. He was high on a double-decker bus
5 and wore tuxedo with money from CPF and TAX
6 and he carried a KS over his shoulder.
7 Internet Brigade walked in front of him licking his boots.
8 G stood and shouted at the Citizens, “What are you doing there, lined up for battle? I am a Puppy, you slaves of Oppositions! Choose one of your men to fight me.
9 If he wins and kills me, we will be your slaves; but if I win and kill him, you will be our slaves.
10 Here and now I challenge the Citizens’ army. I dare you to pick someone to fight me!”
11 When Oppositions and his men heard this, they were terrified.

H in Oppositions's Camp
12 H was the one of the People, who was a Netizen from Blogger Online. People had seven parties, and at the time C was already a very old man.
13 The rest had gone with Oppositions to war. The oldest was 55, the next was 24, and the third was 23.
14 H was the youngest, an underage who can’t even take part,
15 H would go back to Blogger from time to time, to talk about minor issues.
16 G challenged the Citizens every morning and evening for fifty years.
17 One day People said to H, “Take these evidences you have and come up with a book
18 publish them online to raise awareness and educate others.
19 Oppositions and all the other Citizens are in AG fighting the Pappies.”
20 H got up early the next morning, left someone else in charge of minor issues, took the evidences and sent the email
21 The Puppy and the Citizens’ armies took positions for battle, facing each other.
22 H left the email with the officer in charge, ran to the battle line and asked how they were getting along.
23 As H was talking with them, G came forward and challenged the Citizens as he had done before. And H heard him.
24 When the Citizens saw G, they ran away in terror.
25 “Look at him!” they said to each other. “Listen to his challenge! Oppositions had promised to give a big reward to the man who destroys him; the Oppositions will stop 6.9M paper and 10% taxes.”
26 H asked the men who were near him, “What will the man get who destroy this Puppy and frees us from this disgrace since the announcement of low rank in free press? After all, who is this heathen Puppy to defy the army of us?”
27 They told him what would be done for the man who destroys G.
28 The ignorant became angry with H and said, “What are you doing here? Who is taking care of those minor issues out there? You smart aleck, you! You just came to want fame!”
29 “Now what have I done?” H asked. “Can't I even ask questions?”
30 H turned to another man and asked him the same question, and every time H asked, H got the same answer.
31 Some men heard what H had said, and they told Oppositions, who sent for him.
32 H said to Oppositions, “Please, no one should be afraid of this Puppy! I will go and fight him.”
33 “No,” answered Oppositions. “How could you fight him? You're just a teenager, and he has been a dictator all his life!”
34 “Please,” H said, “I was a leader too and I take care of my schools, college and university issues. Any time anyone tries anything funny,
35 I go after it, attack it, and rescue the helpless. And if they turns on me, I’ll counter attack them.
36 I have gone on negotiation to mediation to arbitration, and I will do the same to this heathen Puppy, who has defied the army of us.
37 I’ve been saved from 2010 till now; I will be saved from this Puppy.”
“All right,” Oppositions answered. “Go, and we’ll be with you.”
38 He gave his own advisor to H
39 H strapped Oppositions’ attire and tried to walk, but H couldn't, because H wasn't used to wearing them. “I can't fight with all this,” H said to Oppositions. “I'm not used to it.” So she took it all off.
40 Wearing t-shirt and jeans, H took just facts and went out to meet G.


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