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The post turtle of Singapore – Han Hui Hui

When you're on a bus going down the road and you wonder why you’re at the bottom while he just appear at the top, that's a post turtle. You know he didn't get up there by himself as he wasn’t elected by all Singaporeans. He doesn't belong there or on the ground but far away out in the sea; he can't get anything done while he's up there except for fixing people who oppose him rather than fixing the problems; and you just want to help the poor, dumb thing down by the next election.

What a failure…
Not just the post turtle but people who walked past and allowed the turtle to remain on the top.

You may say
1960s: I’m afraid of the ISA
1970s: I’m afraid of being sued
1980s: I’m busy earning money to clear my debts
1990s: I’m planning to migrate out of country
2000s: I’m studying according to the textbooks

It’s been 50 years, 5 decades.
Are you not gonna do something about it?

Does the worker’s party have plan of being the next government or a coalition government?

But what are they doing?

Why can’t people be direct?

When there’s a problem, just point it out.
And if you know the solution, just give it too.
Can’t we all just play a part?

The government ended the argument by saying “politics is the contest for power”, but “don’t take advantage when you make mistakes, just say so.”

That’s the point, so PAP government’s gonna continue using taxpayers’ money to sue me?
Let’s come clean and don’t take advantage when you make mistakes.
I really wonder why do you have to go to such extent in dealing with me, a 21-year-old female blogger?


Shaun said…
You are but a blight in their Garden of Eden. To tolerate you is to allow many more to sprout and it would spell disaster. You m'lady and the many more like you, are a clear and present danger to their authority and could very well be a rising voice that may never be shut.

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