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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Madam Tay, 66, says her track record and experience prove she is worth the money.

Our track record and experience prove we’re worth the money.
Sound familiar?

Since they’ve got track record and experience that means they’re the best?

If so then we should get them right?

In that case then why not add on to the two years’ worth of salary in the form of baby bonus to couples?

$3.5k is only a onetime payment and up to a maximum of 4 months at most?

Why don’t he or he ask the current prime minister to implement the policy of giving couple two years’ worth of salary and another $14k for hiring confinement lady?

As much as I want to help people, what if the people doesn’t appreciate and doesn’t want to be helped?

I guess I’ll let people decide for themselves?