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Are all students linguistically inclined?

October 21, 2013

The government selected less than the top 200 students in Singapore to study bilingualism and I was one of those shortlisted for CLEP scholarship but are all students linguistically inclined? All individuals have their own talents shouldn’t we maximise the potential of each different individuals?


Xianlong said…
Current education system is still based on prussian model on churning out obedient reliable soldiers.

For the pap, the school factory is about mass churning out cogs for the economic gdp machine. With scholarships for foreigners being dole out like free candy, plenty of sinkies already feel betrayed about the issue of the country maximising their individual potentials.

On bilingualism which is often touted by old man as a competitive advantage of sinkie workforce, it is a myth as South Korea, a monolingual country emerged from even worse shape than SG from the korean war to a manufacturing powerhouse today. So did japan which is a monolingual country.

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