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Thanksgiving Day 2013: Thank you for not suing me after threatening to sue me for defamation

I would like to thank the party that first wrote to me threatening to sue me for defamation and then through their lawyers called my lawyers up at the half past 11th hour just before the day of the court’s hearing.

Because of that, money was being saved as it’s extremely costly to have hearings in the high court.

The fees for filing application etc have already cost my life savings of $10755.

How much can a 21 year old possibly have?

Our documents as published on TR Emeritus were about 20 pages compared to the other party's lawyers and the AGC's hundred over pages each.

I wonder how much taxpayers’ money is being spent?

Perhaps it’s time to clarify the questions and misconceptions that the public may have?

Shouldn’t they explain why PEIs may have so many issues that have been raised?

We should be threatening to sue a student instead of protecting students?

Are we protecting people and regulating PEIs, or the other way round?

If we can afford to spent money not to sue, but to threaten to sue a young Singaporean, why are we claiming to have national conversation to want to communicate with youths?

Why can’t we re-open the case about Dinesh?

Since we are so good with so much funds then why don’t we spent a single cent on HDB, CPF, healthcare?

It’s possible for HDB to be sold at cost price since it’s only a lease right?

Why is HDB still earning profit from building HDB and is treating every single piece of land like as though they are in CBD hah?

Since employees are paying 20% and employers are paying 16% for CPF then perhaps the government can put in at least 1% too to help Singaporeans pay for their flat and lesser the burden to improve the birth rate by lowering the cost of living?

Maybe we can have free healthcare for mothers too as they go through their pregnancy?

I would like to thank Vivian Pan, Roy Ngerng and Leong Sze Hian for starting a posting on Facebook to ask 10,755 Singaporeans to give a dollar each to help me recover my life savings of $10,755 lost by way of my legal costs in the "threatened defamation" suit.

To date, $9020.60 has been received.

Thank you very much Singaporeans

Han Hui Hui


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