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Let’s compare Singapore to Swiss instead of Paris and Amsterdam

Satisfied people don't go to the internet, unhappy people do.
Despite the fact that riot happened, police cars were flipped, fire and explosion, there’s no evidence to prove that unhappiness led to these.
Perhaps these are behaviours of happy people?

It’s been more than a decade since the incumbent promised a Swiss standard of living.
There are many criticisms about one of the previous articles regarding my research on transport system of Paris and Amsterdam both alternative and even mainstream media.

Perhaps I should have compared to Jakarta like what 90% of the critics suggested.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have compare Singapore to first or second world countries because Singapore must be compared to third world country so that it can appear first world like what the remaining 10% of critics responded.

Actually, I did went to Jakarta for the haze interview where Greenpeace questioned the current Prime Minister.

Is Jakarta really that bad? Do I have to write an article to compare for the myopic?
Did Singaporeans vote for a government who compare themselves with North Korea and proclaim free-press by making people read the “right” things?
Who will continue to vote for a government who compare themselves with third world countries and claim to be first world?

But it’s ok.
We shall compared to the Swiss standard of living and the Singapore version of Swiss standard of living.
May those who do not see may see.

Singapore has an area of 716.1 km square
Switzerland has an area of 41,285 km square

Critics say, their land is so big, the pass is not valid for the whole country.
Switzerland has 26 cantons but they do have pass for the whole country as well as for canton.
But since their country is so much bigger than Singapore, we shall look into their cantons.

I’ve picked two of their largest cities for this blog post, I’ve got more should critics request :)

Zürich has a land area of 1,729 km square
Lucerne has a land area of 1,493 km square
For those who would like to get there and witness for yourselves, take note that you’ll need to know German to travel to these two places.

To travel between two cantons of more than 50km apart cost 24 CHF

That can be bought from machines that look like

And for travelling within the cantons, the tickets cost

Which means that travelling within an area bigger than Singapore and even more than 1000 km square cost 2.40 CHF

Critics can say, that’s a second class ticket…

Yes, second class but sitting in a second class like

Is obviously better than a first world or first class transport system that breakdown on the first day of operation which still wanna increase the fare, is this the kinda transport minister that the people voted for who did nothing to stop the fare hike?

Singapore doesn’t even have

Which tells people the remaining travelling time to our destination

Behind me is a tram and animals are welcome on board on the Swiss standard of transport which they are not even muzzled.

Yet in Singapore, we have many cases of infringe of human rights to exploitation of foreign workers to animal abuse such as that of Tammy’s case.

Then the critics would say Swiss transportation only comes once every hour or every half an hour

You’re right but that’s provided if you’ve taken the train followed by tram and is waiting for bus.

As we’ve already known, their land area is bigger than us and travelling by train is akin to our MRT, while their tram is our bus.
The bus that comes every hour or half an hour is imagining Singapore having a minibus that travels block to block so that you can be right at the lift of your flat.
The Swiss standard of bus drop one within 5m of walking distance if you’re checking out the exact location.

And they’ve got a clock where they will reach at least ten to fifteen minutes earlier and leave on the dot.

So that’s the end for an entry with ten photos.

Let’s see what the critics are gonna respond this time round.
Videos are available too =)


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