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Tanjong Pagar TC construction resulted in resident’s house gate being cemented

On 26 Dec, it was confirmed that I’ll be travelling out of Singapore.
On 27 Dec, I was back from my purchase of necessities.

And this was what I saw:

I called them immediately.

Tanjong Pagar GRC is currently undergoing upgrading after increasing our S&CC.

Their construction work is to put a layer of cement over the current flooring so that it will look as though it’s new.
During this process, they actually cemented the gate of my house causing us to be unable to open the door as we wanted to bring in bulky objects.

Due to all these inconvenience, we decided to call them.
As said in the video, they promised to do something about it.

They claim to come but they didn’t.
And somehow like what happened during earlier this year with CPE, I’m unable to call them anymore and there’s no more respond.

Why are they having construction that cause the lives of residents to become worse?
Are they increasing our S&CC for such works that bring inconvenience?

How can they have such careless if it is really accidentally?
Did they exploit the workers and this is the outcome of their unhappiness?

Why is it that no one from TPTC came down as they’ve said?
Where is their responsibility that there’s no follow up and not even a single call?

As I’m living in the smallest 3-room flat in Tanjong Pagar GRC, residents here don’t actually have gate for their house.
Even couples who moved here recently, they’ve got door equipped with high technology.

During earlier this year, there was a power trip and I represented my neighbours to call the town council.
Perhaps I should now seek my neighbours who have gates and call up the town council together again?

It’s the weekend and a holiday right now, most of them are not available.
Let’s just wait and see if TPTC would do anything first.

It’s gonna cause so much inconvenience to carry luggage etc…
Thankfully my neighbours who are wheelchair bound don’t have gate for their house.

Hopefully it’s secure.
Yet again, low crime doesn’t mean low crime.

Maybe this is the outcome of having MPs that we didn’t vote for?


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