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Transport system of Switzerland

There were people who said, the photo were that of first class cabin, not second class.
That’s perhaps why we need videos?

Look at how wheelchair and family friendly it is compared to Singapore?
There will be conductors who will check on your pass, they will then stamp on it.

In Swiss, their transportation service is available as early as 4am and ends as late as 2am.
Since the PAP government claim Singapore is a first world country then should we behave as what first world people do as in the video?

For people who sit in first class cabin when they paid for a second class, they will have to pay a fine of 30CHF.
For people who sit in first and second class cabin with any ticket at all, they will pay a fine of at least 100CHF.

As the people trust the system so much, they do not have a government who says “Trust between citizens and Govt will determine success of policy shifts”.
Actions speak louder than words.

Is Singapore even comparable to first world countries?
Is Singapore at where they are after 5 decades of ruling under the incumbent?

There were people who said, what’s the big deal about animals?
They are not entirely wrong because in a country that doesn’t even have human rights then how do you expect animal rights?

Just look at what happened to “Foreign Workers, Justice and Fairness” event?
Are all these what people have been voting for?

Just imagine a transport service that breakdown the day it opens and again five days later?
Is this world class or is this their version of Swiss standard of living that they promised?


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