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Be thankful incompetent incumbent.

When the govt set something and people complain, they are told to be thankful.
Why don’t the govt be thankful instead?

Be thankful that we didn’t riot.
Be thankful that we merely blog or vlog or comment online.
Be thankful that we did nothing violent.

Be thankful that we always seek clarification but you’re the one who sent us legal threats.
Be thankful that we had peaceful protest but you’re the one who refuse to have a referendum.
Be thankful that less than 60% voted for you yet you get to have more than 90% of the seats.

Be thankful incompetent incumbent.


Xianlong said…
Be thankful they are ruling over a big bunch of sheep that's easily bullied. They only need to look at Thailand at present moment.

Be thankful as they are ruling over a small dot as taiwanese comemtators on the Little India riot commented. Small dot = a city in taiwan yet they are getting obscene paychecks.

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