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Closure of Level 11 of the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

The Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs said that we should read the “right” things.
As a Singaporean who listens to what 60% of the Singaporeans voted for, I decided to break away from the online alternative media and went to National Library Board at 100 Victoria Street.

Knowledge, it is precious.
I only began to realise the sacredness of it when I went on a quest to seek out the confined grail.
It was a perilous trip.
Sneaking past the ever watchful eyes of the undead sentry who never sleeps, the one they call librarians.
I made my way through the winding bends of security gates showing my bags before anything else could happen and as I descended into the abyss seeking the truth - to my horror I found that the archives of much Singapore’s history like the Chinese sec 4 students' strike and two operations are like blowing in the wind…

Wasn’t this here since last year?
Didn’t they said it will be done by now?
Yet when I asked again today they said that they’re no longer sure how long it’s gonna be?
Why can’t they bring the books out so that we can read these “right” things?
Or are they no longer the “right” things?

Why can’t one find out how people went without trials and were tortured during 1963 Operation Coldstore and 1987 Operation Spectrum?
Since newspapers don’t have much to write on anymore

Maybe we can have speeches in parliament that were not being telecast published as articles in newspaper?
Perhaps we can have live telecast during parliamentary debates so that there’s no need to travel down to the library and trouble the librarians?

Of course, if they’ve decided to close down the section or have certain information removed or certain books being condemned, we should always trust them.
As the current prime minister said “Trust in public service crucial to success of govt policies”
Similarly, trust in reading “right” crucial to success of building structure.

Just like our train service

Always upgrading to the Swiss standard they promised decades ago

Because 60% voted for these

Now’s the glass panel, what’s next?


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