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Friday, 10 January 2014

Human rights is valued in Netherlands

There was this girl who wanted to be just like any other girls out there.
She watches what famous people do to sing and dance she hope to.
She writes down her thoughts and feelings.
The people she likes has full name written down while the rest has code so she could spoke.
She wanted to study but her government prevented her from being educated.
So she self-taught she self-learnt but she can still express herself despite her many grammatical errors.
Just her teenage years would tell stories that many will never experience.
A little girl who lives in a small house with life experiences that many are unable to survive.
She often quote others and was accused for not giving credits.
Her voice has to go through so much scrutiny.
With barely enough food for her to go during puberty resulted in her diminutive size.
Being discriminated because of the family she was born in to go through the stereotypes that people have against her.
Is it fair for her government to be against her?
Why do people want to silence her voice?
Policies affect many people so she is not the only one affected but does her voice not resonate?
When will we ever be free as a human from slaves?
How can we ever achieve peace between each other with no discrimination?
When will the government respect people?
How can we make changes for the better without using violence?
A historical symbol she has now become and her dream of publishing books has been fulfilled.