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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Do you wanna give PAP more chances (to do you know what) ?

I believe in yellow ribbon.
I believe in second chance.

I believed in PAP
If you do then you shouldn’t be able to read my blog

She believed
Until she received such notifications

sHE beLIEveD
Yet she was deemed as opposition

Just because I asked qns, I was threatened with legal suits.
Just because I asked qns, I was classified as anti-establishment.

Is it so hard to answer my questions?

It makes me wonder should Singaporeans still give PAP chance or should we just forget about them and vote for change of government?

Isn’t it worrying to have a government that make empty promises, use legal threats against you, have a security department that may just come knocking at your door at 4am to arrest then imprison you without trial, make the cost of living so high by selling HDB way above the cost of building it, not providing free healthcare when they collect way more money than that through 3M, a country where elderly can’t retire but end up as cleaners or tissue sellers etc?