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#SGBudget 2014

#SGBudget so are you gonna continue voting for a government that doesn’t spend a single cent on HDB, CPF and healthcare?

#SGBudget so the government is not gonna spend a single cent on HDB and will be earning profit from the sales of flats?

#SGBudget so the government is gonna increase CPF contribution and Singaporeans will have lesser cash in hand?

#SGBudget so the government is still not gonna spend a single cent on healthcare for Singaporeans?

#SGBudget how to have “deeper capabilities” when Singaporeans are chasing paper qualification and end up jobless or underemployed?

#SGBudget is the government spending more money on education on Singaporeans or foreigners?

#SGBudget is the government spending money on education to promote innovation and creativity or brainwash?

#SGBudget so will the money from the tax raise on liquor be used to subsidised the water bills from PUB to help curb high cost of living?

#SGBudget why is there COE in the first place? How about families with young children? Why not promote young couples to reproduce?

#SGBudget why is there COE in the first place? Does that help to curb congestion? How about families with young children?

#SGBudget how is lower income being defined? Are these people in the lower income people who are living in poverty? Define the poverty line?

#SGBudget why is the government still not spending a single cent on healthcare for Singaporeans?

#SGBudget why put money into CPF instead of giving cash to curb the high cost of living?

#SGBudget so no healthcare financing available for Singaporeans who can't meet the Medisave Minimum Sum? Only save the lives of rich?

#SGBudget income growth slowing or it isn’t even growing in the first place? Why are there statistics going missing? Such as postman?

#SGBudget raising CPF contribution to 37% means we will have lesser cash and since the minimum sum is gonna increase means we can’t retire?

#SGBudget why is the government spending only millions of dollars when they are collecting billions of dollars?

#SGBudget not in favour of long hours for productivity increase means putting a stop to long working hours or still letting people overwork?

#SGBudget why is the government not spending a single cent on our healthcare? Are we not first world country?

#SGBudget finding "right" ways to fund future healthcare needs through "right" balance of funding means still not gonna spend a single cent?

#SGBudget finding right ways to fund future healthcare needs means the government still not gonna spend a single cent on healthcare for us?

#SGBudget why promote high speed Internet access for SMEs when the government is not spending a single cent on CPF? Social security? Retire?

#SGBudget older population require more treatments but will these treatments be free? Why are they not spending a single cent on healthcare?

#SGBudget why reshape healthcare system to control costs when Singapore can afford to provide free healthcare?

#SGBudget why increase employers' CPF contributions so as to increase the retirement savings of workers when minimum sum will be raised too?

#SGBudget Construction sector must retain skilled workers, implement manpower saving technologies perhaps we can train our own Singaporeans?

#SGBudget if the government is helping our lower paid workers through both economic and social strategies then what are these “strategies”?

#SGBudget Lifelong Learning Endowment Fund will be topped up by $0.5b to $4.6b but how many people will benefit? Does it guarantee jobs?

#SGBudget the public sector will take the lead to adopt productive technologies but is the government spending enough money on R&D?

#SGBudget since foreign work levy collections increased does it mean that the government will allow foreign workers to have decent hostels?

#SGBudget since foreign work levy collections increased does it mean that the government is having more money to investigate the problems?

#SGBudget “trying to” set aside funds for the Pioneer Generation Package doesn’t mean “will be” just like “within” and “in” polling station?

#SGBudget if jobs are the key to inclusive society then why are there so many Singaporeans being unemployed or underemployed? Human rights?

#SGBudget how has the living standard of Singaporeans increased when the disposable income and the purchasing power parity is getting worse?

#SGBudget how can it be too early to relax cooling measures on property when the measures didn’t really work and people still can’t afford?

#SGBudget how can the education system promote innovation when the freedom of speech is being stifled? Stat boards sent legal letters right?

#SGBudget since economy grew by 4.1% in 2013 but global outlook uncertain & 2-4% expected in 2014 means d poor&needy will receive more help?

#SGBudget if median wages increased by about 9% in real terms in the last 5 years then why are ppl saying that wages hasn’t been increasing?

#SGBudget what is defined as quality growth? To grow as a nation or the gap between the rich and poor to grow? Why is our GC above 0.4?

#SGBudget what will they be doin about the overall surplus of S$3.9B for 2013 fiscal year? Help ppl reduce cost of living or to the reserve?


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