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Friday, 7 February 2014

The collection of the bills for the first year

I’ve talked about the change from a pre-paid meter to a post-paid meter.
I’ve also talked about the bill for Singapore’s smallest 3-room HDB flat.
This is the collection of the bills for the first year

It’s not very thick but it’s SGD$1891.35 in total, excluding the one for January this year.
See the two pink notices?

Do you think SingPost can be trusted when I always receive my letters late?
Of course, better late than never.

The delivery of the letter of demand…
And now I’m supposed to receive something but it has gone missing…

Well, what to do?
Do you know that SingPost has also adopted the progressive wage model to attract more Singaporeans to become postmen and postwomen?
Currently, SingPost hires more than 4,500 employees where 80 per cent are Singaporeans and permanent residents.
However, if you search for basic and gross median wage of “postman” in the Ministry of Manpower’s website, it’s missing!!!

“This occupation is not available for benchmarking, as we will only release data with sufficient coverage”

How can they be hiring more people yet insufficient coverage?
Are they becoming contract workers?
Will they have CPF and benefits?

Else, what can the elderly be doing?
Collecting cardboards or selling tissues?
Why are they even working in the first place?

Shouldn’t they be staying at home playing with their grandchildren and enjoying their golden years?