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Think Your Singapore Citizenship is Sacred? Singapore – Price: $2,500,000

It was said that many chose to stay in Singapore to start a new life and their choice enabled Singapore to grow into a unique multi-racial and multi-religious society. For those who think new citizens are poor FT from kampong who are going to bring their entire village here and take money away from Singapore, read

They are millionaires which is why they have the ability to drive up prices such as housing maybe we should stop blaming new citizens because Singaporeans are the ones who voted for a government who invited them here.
Shouldn’t local born Singaporeans should unite with new citizens since we’re all on the same boat now?

Looking at the criteria, perhaps we should ask ourselves?

Do you think there should be inheritance tax?
How would you feel if your family members pass away and the government tax you for receiving what they left for you?
Does it make sense?

Visa-Free to 167 countries worldwide but do you know that it will still depend on which country you want to go to and their regulations?

It may be easier to buy properties but that’s private properties.
Singapore government doesn’t allow one to own both public and private properties now.
Hang on, is HDB considered public housing?
Did the government even spent a single cent on it or is it earning profit?

Singapore may be a business friendly nation but is it easy to run a business in Singapore?
Do we have people like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg here?
What is the percentage of local talent making it to the global stage?

Singapore does have lower taxes so what’s there to complain?
Do you think CPF is a form of tax?
If so then why did you vote for them when they keep increasing the minimum sum and retirement age?

Foreigners who are rich have to be a PR in Singapore first. And after two years of residency, they can then apply for citizenship.
Wouldn’t they have learnt about Singapore?

If new citizens reside in Singapore at least 6 months out of the year then wouldn’t they already get used to the Singapore’s culture?
But how many local born Singaporeans out there bothered or are they making assumption regarding new citizens?

Some new citizens may not have to go through NS but do you even want to go through it yourself?
Instead of having the government make new citizens go through NS, shouldn’t we abolish NS or at least shorten the duration?
Instead of spending billions of dollars on those equipment, why don’t we make lives better for Singaporeans so that couples can get married and procreate?
So that elderly can retire and the younger generation can pursue their passion and develop their talent rather than being worried about their future?

Perhaps, ask yourself.
Shouldn’t we all Singaporean who have the chance to vote unite as one?
Would you prefer a new citizen to stand as opposition candidate and win at least 5% of the new citizens’ votes so that at least the opposition get to win or do you prefer it to be 40-45% then wait for another election?

Why don’t we look at policies and think of what we can do to build a better country for our future generation instead?
Do you want to continue living in a country where the government doesn’t spend a single cent on healthcare, HDB and CPF?


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