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Do you know POLY and ITE are statutory boards?

I may have met JBJ in 2001, but my first walkabout was with the PAP when I was 16.
Since 18 years old, I did walkabout at least once a month but I didn’t help out with the opposition until last year.
It’s easy to be keyboard warriors, how many of you did volunteer with the political parties that you support?

I still help out with them as long as it benefits Singaporeans.
So I believe that not all their volunteers vote for them, I don’t question that.

My first walkabout was a block visit where I met residents and hear their concerns.
There’re helpers taking down notes, I was energetic, my job was to run and knock on the doors to make sure they’re open.
I’ve been doing walkabout at least once a month since I was 18 but I only had contact with the opposition last year in 2013.

I’m still helping them out because I’ve got family members who goes there almost every day.
I do not doubt when they say not all of their volunteers vote for them, it’s true.
I’m brought up in a family that believes in helping others so if PAP change for the better, we’re fine with them.

Let’s not criticise for the sake of criticising.
If you’re still unhappy, you should question yourself instead, what have you done to help?
If you’re a guy, the typical answer is NS.
Take note that new citizens and volunteers go through NS too and not all local born go through NS.
It’s a case by case basis.

If PAP is good to Singaporeans, will Singaporeans vote for them?
Yes, is that vote buying?
If opposition is good to Singaporeans, will Singaporeans vote for them?
Yes, is that vote buying?

Shouldn’t we be seeking a government that cares for the people that come up with policies where everyone can benefit instead?

There are many people like the above, that’s why I do not doubt.
In fact, I’ve spoken to many of them.

Let’s not criticise for the sake of criticising.
There are real issues that we should be concerned about.

New citizens are Singaporeans too, who do you want them to vote for?
Do local born Singaporeans know how to stand up for your own rights?
We hold the pink I/C, we can vote, enough said.

You wanna break it down to local born marrying a local born,
foreign bride marring a local guy,
foreign male marrying a local girl,
foreign couple who became Singaporeans etc?

Look at what the government is doing to the new voters in the coming election instead!

At first the POLY and ITE students be like “yeah, lower transport fare”
Then, "4 public universities are raising tuition fees for 2014 with some going up as much as 7.9% for local students.
The fees for POLY and ITE will also be going up soon."
Now they’re like “WHAT THE ?!?!?!”

And I’m like “your parents voted for PAP right?
And you’re gonna vote for them right?
And you’re not gonna make your parents vote otherwise right?”

Do you know POLY and ITE are statutory boards?
According to them, they are not part of the government but private institutes, you know what you are in their eyes now?
Do you know how to fight for your own basic human rights?

What are you doing to help Singapore?
Does being a keyboard warrior helps or should you be doing real action to help the future of Singapore?


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