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We can make a difference if we be united as one

When I was 16, my CPF account was created as I got my first job.
It was advertised to be $5.50 per hour, the contract stated $5.00 per hour but when I got my pay cheque, it was $4.50 per hour.

When I was 18, I felt that Singapore’s education is screwed up with the fact that there are so many graduates being unemployed or underemployed.
But I needed concrete evidence before I could say anything, so I put myself in a situation where I can find out what’s wrong and prove it.

When they said they needed evidence from education to transportation to riot to homeless etc…
What have they done after getting it?

Today I embark on my 50 days of being a PMET.
I woke up at 7am, after washing up and having my breakfast, I walked to the train station.
When I was at the train station…

It was like a station full of hmmm…
Bodies that aren’t standing or walking straight
Eyes that can barely open and are extremely dark
Mouths that make sounds like “tsk”, “sigh”, “hey”

I started to ponder if these people are considered living in poverty…

According to Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, 26% of Singaporeans are living in poverty, is he right?
Only 26%?
What about those people who are working part time?
What about those people who quit a full time job to take up two part time jobs?
What about those people who are having full time job but working more than 44 hours per week?
Is there any work life balance in Singapore?
Is this conducive for family reproduction?

According to Leong Sze Hian, there’re 457000 new citizens & PRs vs 431200 jobs…
So are Singaporeans getting jobs or are Singaporeans not getting the jobs?
If Singaporeans are getting the jobs, are they being underemployed?
If Singaporeans are not getting the jobs then is the incumbent protecting the employment of Singaporeans?
If Singaporeans are being employed and not underemployed then is there a need to have so many foreigners in Singapore?

Singaporeans are working so hard, but what are they working for?
To pay off bills?
To pay off housing?
To pay the 20% into their CPF so that they can reach the minimum sum of $148K as of 2013?
To pay for the continual increase in healthcare bills?

Why are people even calling it HDB when it’s not public housing?
Did the government spend even one single cent on it or are they earning profit from the sale of HDB?
Why should we be paying 20% into our CPF when the government didn’t even give back the 15% of interest they’ve earned using our monies?
Is it being fair to us when they can get $8 heart bypass yet we can’t?
All are equal but some are more equal?
Who voted to give them million dollar salary for them to be able to afford those premium insurance yet our fellow Singaporeans had to go down the path of euthanasia and die?

Why vote for death when together we can make things change for the better?

We can make a difference if we be united as one


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