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Have you ever wondered if PAP is using party fund or public fund to hire IBs?

Does PAP supporters have special privileges where they can insult the physical appearance, family members, children, relatives, ancestors, even religion of opposition supporters or people who MERELY questioned the PAP policies?

Isn’t Singapore supposed to be a secular society?

Remember a blogger well known for being fake from top to toe undergoing plastic surgery but because she stuck a PAP logo on her face so she got off scot free?

Nowadays, I hardly blog but since the PAP supporters have been reporting my post from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook etc, I’m coming back to blogging let’s try exposing the face of instead of haters, let’s call them “reporters” since they enjoy reporting so much right?

Daniel Herwan:

Take a good look

What can a person like him do?

Be an adult child?

Pei Shan Grace:

Check out the guy beside her Jason Chua Chin Seng:

So they can do all these because Deputy Prime Minister back them up?

Together with the law minister?

So it’s true that PAP supporters can do such things but not the rest as they’ll receive consequences?

Joel Tay Yong Hwee:

Geraldine Seah:

So PAP supporters are allowed to be malicious and make devious comments about others?

Qiu Yung:

I still don’t see what’s the joke and so funny about insulting the family and religious of others?


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