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Should self-employed top up their CPF Medisave even after they’ve reached the minimum sum of $40,500?

After topping up to their Medisave, the additional amount actually went to the Special account.
Self-employed make up of people such as SMEs owners, taxi drivers, tissue paper sellers etc…
The government already charge them $120 per month for license to sell tissue papers.
Where by only 11 of them are legal while the rest are illegal hawkers.
This is the Singapore you’re having now for voting the PAP, a place where they claim there’s no “dead-poor”, REPUBLIC of Singapore?

For average Singapore Residents who are working as employees, there’re three accounts:
Ordinary Account - the savings can be used to buy a home, pay for CPF insurance, investment and education.
Special Account - for old age and investment in retirement-related financial products.
Medisave Account - the savings can be used for hospitalisation expenses and approved medical insurance.

But do you know that you’re automatically “buying” Medishield should you not opt out of it?

Check out CPF website if you didn’t know and would like to opt out of it now.

If you think it’s ok, well, additional insurance, why not?
After logging into the service with your CPF Account Number and SingPass, select “My Statement” and proceed to “Section B”, followed by “Medisave/MediShield/Integrated Shield Plan Claims and Reimbursement up to last 15 months". And check out how you can have your reimbursement.
Do they really take care of you?

If you’re a civil/public servant, do you know that although government pensioners enjoy medical benefits for inpatient treatments at restructured medical institutions, it does not cover the entire hospitalisation bill?

Apparently, MediShield only covers hospitalisation/surgical/day surgery and approved outpatient treatments sought on medical grounds in MOH-accredited medical institutions in Singapore. Expenses for treatments sought overseas cannot be claimed from MediShield. In addition, there is also a list of standard excluded medical treatments and expenses which MediShield does not cover. Additional exclusions may also be imposed on an insured, depending on his health condition at the time of application on a case-to-case basis.

Maternity charges (including Caesarean operations) and the list goes on…

Of course, you may claim from MediShield if you are referred by your attending doctor to receive further medical treatment as an inpatient in a community hospital. This is upon discharge as an inpatient from an approved hospital.
HOWEVER, hospitalisation at a community hospital due to social reasons or respite care is not claimable under MediShield.

Even if you can claim, there’s a limit

Want to have your voice heard towards a better Singapore where’s there’s fair wage and rightful employment?
Join us on Saturday 3 May 4pm at Hong Lim Park!


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