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Can a 25 years old earning 3k hit the minimum sum?

Think about this, you’re someone 25 years old earning 3k per month.
$2400 received in cash, $600 into your CPF and $480 of employer contribution.

This will be the breakdown into the three accounts in your CPF:

Each year, OA will have an increase of $8281.56
2.5% for 25 years till you reach 50 years old will be $282,879.57

A couple will have $567,759.14 in total.

Say you buy a 300k HDB, the monthly instalment for your loan for 25 years is $1,361 per month.
Total payment will be $408,300 after 25 years.

A couple will be left with a total of $157,459.14 altogether after paying for the HDB flat, which means each person will have only $78723.57 in their OA account.

Since the CPF minimum sum is now $155k, both of them will be $76,270.43 below minimum sum when they are 50 years old.

The CPF minimum sum has been increasing over the years, but did your salary increase at the same rate?

If things continue like this, when will you be able to reach the minimum sum and retire?


Do you agree with him? Are you going to prove him right?

Join us on 7 June 4pm at HONG LIM PARK to demand them to #ReturnOurCPF


Hui Hui\

Please go to the Mad stranger investor blog( google it) and they have a spread sheet on the CPF minimum sum until 2041.

It is more accurate as the PAP have said that next year it end the upwards revision and any increase is only base on inflation rate.

good luck

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