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Have you heard of Medisave Minimum Sum?

On Monday, I asked: Can a 25 years old earning 3k hit the minimum sum?

It was republished on TRS (

and TRE (

Most of the “rebuttals” were arguing how can it be that one works for 25 years and there’s no pay increase?
Won’t there be any bonuses to contribute to the CPF and why not put in some cash to reach the minimum sum?
The fact is, many Singaporeans are losing their jobs, do you know how many people are long-term unemployed and how many people are working for a lower salary as the year goes by?

Is this fair to our fellow Singaporeans that wages are decreasing yet the minimum sum is increasing?
Is it reasonable for them to simply exclude certain jobs such as postman just because it will lower the “medium” income?
Have you check out MOM website and find out how many jobs have they excluded in their calculations?

I always add in some flaws in my postings and this time round it’s sad because of all the comments, no one actually spotted it!
This is so important why didn’t anyone notice it?
Do you know what accrued interest is?

“Each year, OA will have an increase of $8281.56
2.5% for 25 years till you reach 50 years old will be $282,879.57
A couple will have $567,759.14 in total.”

That is wrong.
$8281.56 is only $414,078 to a couple after 25 years because you do not earn any interest when you’re using your money to pay for HDB.
However, when you sell your flat, you’ll have to top up the difference of $153,681.14 and this amount increases as time goes by.
So after paying $408,300 for a $300k HDB flat, the couple is left with a total of $5778 in their CPF accounts.
That’s $2889 each, tell me how do you feel rich after looking at this amount?
If $5k is derisory, this is worse than derisory, are they treating us Singaporeans as equal?
Is this right of them?
Where is humanity?

Not only about the accrued interest, do you know there’s minimum sum for your Medisave too?
And this is not included in the CPF minimum sum, is this what you have been voting for the past 5 decades?

Join us on 7 June 4pm at HONG LIM PARK to demand them to #ReturnOurCPF


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