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Our rights to fair wage and rightful employment: Ms Han Hui Hui

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Han Hui Hui and I’m currently 22 years old.

Do you know why am I wearing this shirt?
Because last year, when I was 21, the Singapore’s government statutory board issued me a legal threat to sue me for defamation when I was stating facts.
In the end, the back out at the last 11 30th hour.
If I can do it, you Singaporeans can do it too!

I went to 10 law firms but none of the lawyers dare to take it up.
Until I met my lawyer Mr Ravi, can we give him a round of applause!

Thank you to everyone who came down on 1st May and on 3rd May.
I’m the last speaker for today’s event, do you think that all the point regarding labour issues have been addressed?
No, there’re problems that are not being addressed because the PAP made a lot of mistakes.

Even though the statutory board came to send legal letter of demand, I’m now going to speak up for civil and public servants.

Do you know that, as what the PAP supporters have spoken online, there are more than 40 statutory board’s directors who are very unhappy with what’s going on inside different statutory boards?
There’s a system called “performance management system”, in this system, this is where they give their bonuses.
But do you know this system is flawed and among all of you here, at least 20% of you are civil and public servants.
Ask yourself, they keep saying in the newspapers they’re giving millions of dollars as bonuses to civil and public servants, is this true? No, this is not true.
Just like what they said, people enjoy working even after they’re 70 years old.
Under this performance management system, bonuses are given not whether you perform good or perform bad, they make you compete among your peers.

There are civil servants who are only taking salary of $1800 better ones with first class honours when they enter, perhaps $2000.
We need to speak up for these civil and public servants because they are also part of our workforce.
Last week, we’ve seen how the PAP supporters are the real xenophobic, go to the PAP website and you can see how they are asking new citizens to get out of Singapore, renounce and denounce their citizenship.
They’re asking new citizens to be exported out of Singapore, they the PAP are the real xenophobic, not you.
They are the real people who are behaving with bigotry behaviour.
They are the real people with those appalling attitude of name-calling their own citizens, even the prime minister is doing these, are you ashamed?

They said that we Singaporeans want to work until 70 years old.
This is rubbish, this is not true.
They are spreading lies and brainwashing us with propaganda.

When they first started out, they said 55 years old and you can get back your CPF.
When they first started out, they said 55 years old and you can retire.
They extend it to 60 years old, 62 years old, and today? 65! 67?!
Is this being humane? Is this respecting our fellow citizens?


In the past they said, 55 years old and you don’t have to work anymore, can take out your CPF.
Now? 60, 65 and you still can’t take out all your CPF saying we must work till 67?
Work till we die? Are we not human?
Tell them, not everyone can be over 90 years old and have million dollars as salary.


They didn’t even attend meet the people session, what rights do they have to get millions of salary?
The PAP doesn’t fight for you, the PAP fight for themselves.
The PAPs are no longer part of the Singapore’s society.
They’re suppressing us, this is a dictatorship that we’re having, not a democracy.

In a real democratic society, the leaders will allow people to debate with them, this was what Lee Kwan Yew said when he first started out and form the PAP.
50 years now, they are no longer keeping their promise.
Do you want to continue voting for them?

Our birth rate is not increasing, so they gave this excuse and invite millions of foreigners in.
3 million of us are Singaporeans but 2 million of them are foreigners.
But this is not the fault of the foreigners because the foreigners are being exploited by the PAP, it’s the fault of the PAP.

Do you know that in other countries, after legalising gay marriages, they have birth rate as high as 1.9?
But what about Singapore?
Why? Because Singapore is not a society that’s pro-family anymore.
They claim that they’ll give you a lot money even so you will not reproduce.
They expect you to have the money first before you give birth.
Look at the total fertility rate for Malays, it is increasing but why is the total percentage of Malays in Singapore decreasing?

Who’s the real xenophobic over here? The PAP.
Who’re the real racist people over here? The PAP.
Not you Singaporeans.

This kind of government, do they really want to help common citizens?
They are no longer taking care of us anymore.
They are only taking care of their own salary.
4 million dollar worth of salary for just one person, you can even pass down the generations and still be having money.

这样就不要拿薪水了,直接把power return to the people!

They go publish in straits times, MAYBE it’s wrong to burn effigy, what do you mean by MAYBE?
The straits times reporters don’t even know how to go and do their research.
It’s either you can burn the effigy or you cannot burn the effigy, what do you mean by MAYBE?
Can I say MAYBE the PAP is corrupt?
MAYBE it’ll rain later on?
MAYBE they’re mad in their mind?


80% of the companies in Singapore are related or owned by the PAP.
Do you think our SMEs businesses can survive?
How many of them are making loses?

Because they do not want to be transparent with you, because they do not want to account to you, because by telling you where the money goes to, you’ll find out that they’re only going to their own cronies but not to you Singaporeans.
They ask you to wake up at 6 o’clock to go and catch the MRT train for 50 cents discount.
Is this right of them when they themselves have lots of cars and vehicles, they even adjust the traffic lights, just look outside Istana!
In other countries, the president opens their park for public to visit but in Singapore, they lock themselves out against you.
This is not what a president should behave, they didn’t even protect our reserves at all.

If they don’t know how to take care of us, then we must unite instead of letting them treat us like this.

We’re not fighting for welfare state.
We’re fighting for a social security safety net for the lower income group, for the middle class.
After 50 years under the PAP, our GDP has been increasing exponentially, but what about our Gini Coefficient?
Above 0.4! Do you know what does above 0.4 means?
It means that people are living in poverty, there is high inequality, the poor are getting poorer and this is not fair to our fellow Singaporeans!

If other countries can do it, we Singapore can do it too.
We have the resources, it’s not that we don’t have.
But it’s up to you to vote wisely for a government who will take care of you.
It’s either they give us a minimum wage or they give us independent unions.
Don’t you find it appalling that our own labour union leader is saying a no to minimum wage?
Is this right or is this a joke?

And the last thing he knows how to do is to collect his million dollar salary.
This is not the kind of people we want in the parliament.
They only care for themselves.
POLY and ITE students, hear this.
The government is saying that POLYs and ITEs are statutory boards.
They are saying you are not good enough to study in a local government junior college.
They are saying that you’re only qualified to study in their statutory boards, a private institute.
You must remember this when you vote.

And is this money supposed to be part of the sales of flat to you?
Is this still public housing?
No, this is not public housing, they are earning profit.
How can the cost of land be part of the sales?
The land is free to them.

Do you know, I stay in Tanjong Pagar GRC at Queenstown MRT?
And recently, they just sold the plot of land beside Queenstown MRT to private developer to build a new condo.
Do you know how much is one unit selling or not? 3 or 4 million dollars!
Can Singaporeans afford this kind of money?
How many of them are already having problems paying for a $300k HDB flat?



They should have kept to what they’ve promised us 50 years ago.
But if they’re not keeping to their promise, we do not have to continue voting for them or we’ll suffer for the next 50 years.
Don’t say your wives or your daughters become maids, Singaporeans will become extinct.

We’re going to start a movement, called LeeGo, the Lee family must Go.
It’s a movement against dictatorship.
And we’re going to spread this worldwide, we have already got international media to cover it.
We need to let them know that the power should be returned to the people.
We should decide when to get back our CPF, not everyone wants to work until 90 years old.

Divorce cases are on the rise, every week, there are 50 people going bankrupt but all these are not reported and we need to help these people.
We need to unite with the new citizens and civil, public servants because they get to vote in the next election.
We need to unite with the civil and public servants because they are the ones who gave us the information to expose the dirty tricks that the PAP has been doing.
We Singaporeans have to be united as one, not divided.
When they call you xenophobic, they have a guilty conscience.
Just to go their facebook and see, everything that we post, even a song lyrics, a bible verse, they have to drag in religion to criticise other people.
They drag in other people’s families, children, they even talk about other people’s ancestors, is this called respect?
They have no respect for Singaporeans at all.

You have to remember: your CPF, your salary, they will never help you fight for it.
You have to learn to fight for your wages yourself, don’t vote and depend on them anymore.


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