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#ReturnOurCPF -- Medishield Life: Ms Han Hui Hui

Fellow Singaporeans,

The only time I had a script was during my first speech in August 2013.
Ever Since last November, I had no script as there’s no time to prepare any at all.

The crowd this time round did not respond the way I expected them to.
I expected people to be angry with the increase in Medishield Life premium.

I blanked out at the stage as I’ve never expected anyone to cry over what I’ve said.
There were cheers when I was up speaking, but as I spoke, the tears rolled down the faces of the elderly.
It later on caused a commotion at the back of the stage.

Yes, I’m only 22 years old but my first CPF contribution was in 2007 and my latest CPF contribution was just last month.
There were people who are concerned if I will be dismissed from my job soon for all these advocacy.
Thank you everyone for your messages, I do read them.

I’m prepared for the consequences as I know this is not a level playing field.
I would rather lead a life knowing that I fought and bear the outcome than to lead a life doing nothing.

To hear them speak out on their problems, to hear them talk about how they feel, it’s saddening.
It’s sad, but I will not cry. Because this is not a time for crying.
This is the time to fight for transparency and accountability for our CPF.

If the regulation continues to grow at 10k per year, by the time I reach the retirement age of 55, I will have at least half a million being locked up by them.
This is why I fight: I fight against tyranny.
We need to fight for democracy and put a stop to these.

I believe we need to unite together and build a compassionate society.
We need to build a more inclusive society and we must not give up hope on people who are ignorant to these issues that are happening.
Rather, we’ve to wake up them so that they will vote wisely.

On 7 June, the topic was CPF minimum sum.
On 12 July, it’s Medishield Life.
As said, once a month is only 12 times a year and it’s not enough to raise the awareness to reach out to the 60%.
Our next event will be on 23 August:

Videos to the event on 12 July are available for sharing as follow:


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#YearningForJustice : A mother's musings to her future child