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50 tweets by Han Hui Hui during #ndrsg

#ndrsg do you think ITE and Poly students should have lower school fees like that of JC students?
#ndrsg how useful is the pioneer generation package?
#ndrsg of course not all men spend more, there are some where the wife loses more money right?
#ndrsg so is degree important or not? Should the society continue to judge people according to degree or paper qualification?
#ndrsg should we stop judging people based on paper qualification? What does the civil and public sector people think? Trust him?
#ndrsg wow~ he’s advertising for China… what do you think? Any comment?
#ndrsg should you hire your own friends as chairman or for directorship?
#ndrsg just puzzled if they are for or against LGBT and if we are promoting transgenderism on national TV?
#ndrsg why does he keep repeating China? What about our Swiss standard of living?

#ndrsg is it right for the prime minister to be a patron of China businesses?
#ndrsg is it right for the prime minister to advertise for China businesses?
#ndrsg does the prime minister has duty to serve the country or another country or is he serving businesses?
#ndrsg now that we have a real physically handicapped person in parliament as representative, do you see non-degree holders in parliament?
#ndrsg would you prefer to rent or downgrade or sell your flat or what?
#ndrsg will the government sue more people to create jobs for lawyers? Like how they use taxpayers’ money to sue blogger for defamation?
#ndrsg what about people who were wrongfully detained without trial then released? Should he apologise to the ex-isd-detainees?
#ndrsg do you feel secure about your future under the PAP?
#ndrsg do you think you can ever retire if PAP is in power?
#ndrsg what legacy does the PAP have?

#ndrsg since he keep talking about aerospace, is the government gonna pump more money into the aerospace industry?
#ndrsg do you think the government is spending enough in aerospace industry?
#ndrsg don’t you think they should spend more in R&D for the engineering sector in Singapore?
#ndrsg shouldn’t we spend more on our people to boost productivity?
#ndrsg since he said no paper chase, do you think degree holders should earn more than non-degree holders?
#ndrsg what percentage of engineering students enter the financial sector?
#ndrsg what percentage of engineering students did not end up working as engineers? Is this a waste of talents?
#ndrsg all the people in the parliament are graduates, non-graduates as workers but only graduates can be politicians?
#ndrsg I can’t help but laugh when it’s Ms Han and Mr Roy
#ndrsg did he forgot that some are being sued and $5000 is derisory?

#ndrsg he keep saying some people wanna take back their CPF then name just one person, who exactly are these people he’s trying to say?
#ndrsg did he missed out the government wants you to pay accrued interest when you sell too?
#ndrsg do you think $155k CPF minimum sum is excessive?
#ndrsg what percentage of the people around you have more than $155k in their CPF?
#ndrsg when you’re old, will you sell your house or work or demand your children to feed you or what?
#ndrsg wow~ all Singaporeans can be millionaires and retire already just by selling your HDB, nice?
#ndrsg what’s the average age where people finish paying for their flats?
#ndrsg are you happy that now the lease buyback is extended to 4-room flats?
#ndrsg is “right size” the politically correct term for “downgrade”?
#ndrsg did he say 161 DOLLARS?

#ndrsg what “special” memory? The first and only government that uses taxpayers’ money to sue its own citizen for defamation?
#ndrsg do we need more shopping malls in jurong or more hospitals?
#ndrsg so how much are these projects gonna cost?
#ndrsg how many jobs will be created and who will get the jobs?
#ndrsg why is he saying that they are communists when the British archives are already out?
#ndrsg do you feel that you’ve a brighter future after listening to him? Just like how you feel rich looking at your CPF statement?
#ndrsg should continue to be the prime minister of Singapore? Will you have a brighter future and retire?
#ndrsg why did he not mention the medisave minimum sum of $43,500?
#ndrsg wouldn’t the TOTAL CPF minimum sum be more than $200k if we were to include medisave as well?
#ndrsg will you vote for the PAP in the coming election?


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