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Han Hui Hui: It’s never too young or too late.

When I was 9 years old, my class discriminated me in school.
The same reason is why people are still discriminating me.

I’m thankful to meet JBJ in 2001 and have him educating me on why people are doing these.
However, I was too young to understand what was really going on.

I know there are people spreading that I was a student leader in primary school scoring A* to the chairperson in secondary school scoring A1 to a college leader and even the top 200 linguists in Singapore.
To me, that’s as irrelevant as the news publishing that someone was in the dean list and a public servant earning above medium income but is being sued for defamation, is there any relationship and what’s the point?

For half a decade, I observed what was happening in the society, two elections passed: GE 2001 and GE 2006.
In 2007, my CPF account was created as I started working.

In 2008, my blog was created.

I don’t paper chase because I admire people who can play musical instruments and sing at the same time. I’ve also talked about how I wanted to be a taxi driver or a bus driver too as I feel it’s an important job as without them, families can’t go for outings during the weekends. I even went to LTA to apply only to realise I was underage.

In 2010, legal suit started and in 2013, my name appeared in local printed media for the first time.
I understand when people tell me they are afraid and they dare not do things.
I was afraid too, but to have been discriminated since the age of 9, to have started working since the age of 16, to fight been fighting lawsuits since the age of 19, I decided that it’s time to stand up against these.

Whenever people tell me that I’m so young, I’m only in my early 20s. I actually feel ashamed of myself.
Asean Johnson, a 9 year old boy from Chicago, stood up for his rights not to be discriminated just because he’s born as a black.
But did I stood up when I was 9? No, I didn’t.

What are Singaporeans doing when they are 12?
Mugging for PSLE?
Madison Kimrey, a 12 year old girl from Burlington, stood up for her voting rights that’s years down the road.
Ali Ahmed, a 12 year old boy from Egypt, stood up to protect the constitution as well as for women’s rights.

Singaporeans, when will we start caring for one another?
When will we stand up against discrimination and protect the rights of one another?
Wouldn’t our society be a better place to live in if we treat people with compassion?


Kwang said…

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim
Assoc Prof Dr Yaacob Ibrahim
(Minister for Communications and Information
and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs)

What kind of MP are you ??? And are you aware of this above ( Teracomm Asia Pacific Pte Ltd / Allterco Pte Ltd ) is a cheating scams company, scamming our singaporean money !
After so many police report on this scam and IDA, Case and CPIB also not interested !!! Singapore government don't want to do anything on this matter about this ( Teracomm Asia Pacific Pte Ltd / Allterco Pte Ltd ) cheating scams company ! M1, Singtel and StarHub also related mobile company of making this kind of scam money too. Seem Singapore Communications MP never do anything on this scam matter !!! Do you think Singapore government also related with this kind of scam ??? I think we should bring this matter to Opposition MPs in Parliament ( The Workers' Party ) to protect singaporean about this matter.

Why the authorities never put a stop to them once and for all ? Is our PAP Sleeping not doing anything to solve this problem ????

Pls speak out for our singaporen.

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