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I’m not anti-PAP.

The past one week is pretty interesting from people asking for the two hour speech to people getting interested with this statement

This was with regards to what was posted on 13 Aug

It’s perplexing why people ask questions when answers are already available yet people don’t ask questions that are important but not have the answers to?

If only the energies are used to raise questions about where exactly every single cent is going, to what are the terms used to make certain transactions legal, to why are there certain trends in society that should be change to be more civilised…

Since citizens enjoy questioning certain individuals with regards to MOM or CPF or HDB when they are not the ministers, don’t you think these people should be the ministers instead?
Why do people pay millions of dollars for people who are unable to solve the problems?

A decade ago, Singaporeans were earning about 2.5k and the min sum was 80k.
Now, it’s about 3.5k yet the min sum is 155k.
What do you think it will be ten years later if PAP is still in power?

I’m not anti-PAP.
I’m only anti-cronyism, anti-nepotism, anti-dictatorship, anti-tyranny, anti-irresponsibility…

Just think about it, why is it that the policies which the PAP came out with resulted in more than half of workers reaching 55 years of age not able to achieve the Minimum Sum even after they pledge their property value and less than 30 per cent are able to meet the Minimum Sum entirely in cash?

Have you wondered why second-timers have to pay a resale levy and the same applies INCLUDING INHERITANCE UPON DEMISE OF THE FORMER LESSEE?

Shouldn’t we unite and fight for transparency and accountability towards our CPF money?
No one protested against the CPF and after the first CPF protest regarding minimum sum, we see people talking about it.
After the second CPF protest regarding medishield life, we see people questioning the system.
But talking and questioning is not enough if people still can’t see the problems.

The third CPF protest will be with regards to HDB.
Do we own or rent HDB?
What is the cost of building flats?
Will our future generation be able to own a flat?

#ReturnOurCPF – HDB will be on 23 Aug 4pm at Hong Lim Park
Join us:


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