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Did they promise us Swiss or India’s standard of living?

The first riot in Singapore in 40 years happened during last December, known as the Little India Riot.
It was caused by foreign workers, really?
It’s unfair to discriminate others just because they are not born here and the accident is more of a catalyst.

Do you know these foreign workers are being exploited in Singapore? They are earning $2.25 per hour with some even lesser than that.
The medium income of Singaporeans is about 3.5k but Singapore’s Prime minister is earning $4million not forgetting his parliament of million dollars salary MPs who can’t even be bothered to attend parliamentary sessions.
Does this show you purely an income gap problem?

The newspapers claimed inquiry and investigation were ongoing but it’s hard to trust them since we’ve caught them spreading blatant lies a couple of times.
That being so, Leong, Roy and I decided that we shall fly over to India to find out for ourselves.

India has a wider income gap than Singapore but the people there are happier.
Singapore is 1st in the world for the longest work week hours whereas people in India on average work about 8 hours or less a day.
Yet when they are here, they are being exploited with some even being abused by their employers.

As a “developed” country, Singapore has 114,000 full-time workers earning less than $1,000. The people in India generally earn less than us but guess what their cost of living is?
Transport per month is SDG$0.05, monthly pass for citizens taking public transport.
Food is about $2 for a family of 5 for four meals, including breakfast and supper.

Haters are now gonna say “You go migrate to India!”

It’s perplexing.
Is Singapore a first world or third world country?
Instead of comparing with Switzerland when they promised us the Swiss standard of living, we are always told to compare ourselves with India?
Did they promised us the Indians standard of living?

Just think about the agencies collecting agent fees and the government collecting levies from these foreign workers coming here.
If you want foreigners here then treat people with dignity and respect.
Is their living condition even humane?
If you can’t take care of them then don’t let them in, invest on our fellow Singaporeans.


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