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Han Hui Hui: Gratitude is not servitude.

Early this year, a pre-budget 2014 forum was held.

Recently, a new political party has been founded and Singaporeans are starting the “new citizens” VS “true blue” again.

During GE2001. PAP won 82 out of 84 seats in the election including 55 walkovers, only 675,306 of the 2,036,923 eligible voters (33.2%) actually voted. Which means the PAP got 75.3% of the population “supporting” them.
During GE2006 Singaporean, 1.22 million out of the 2.16 million eligible Singaporeans voted. PAP in its first election under it’s third new “leadership”, won 66.6% of the overall votes and gained 82 out of 84 seats AGAIN.

Singapore's 16th parliamentary general election was held on 7 May 2011, GE2011.
GE2011 has the highest proportion of contested seats since independence with 82 of 87 seats contested (or 94.3%).
The final results saw a 6.46% swing against the PAP from the 2006 elections to 60.14%, its lowest since independence.
Nevertheless, the PAP claim over two-thirds of parliamentary seats, it won 81 out of 87 seats.

Do you think Singaporeans will continue to fight like the people in Norway, Hong Kong, Australia etc?
Or will they sit back, relax and wait for the “miraculous awakening” once every five years where the incumbent will simply lose one GRC after 5 decades?

Numerous opposition politicians quit the party that they represented during GE2011.
What about those who managed to enter the parliament?
Well, they do what they are doing now.
What do you see them doing?

According to some of the politicians themselves, it’s the fault of new citizens that caused them to lose.
They made this allegation as from 2007 to 2013, there are 25k citizenships and 30k PRs being given away, a total of 55k “foreigners” per year.

However, they forgot that both Lim Chin Siong and Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, more commonly known as JBJ, are not born in Singapore.
Lim Chin Siong was an influential politician and trade union leader in Singapore in the 1950s and 1960s whereas JBJ was the leader of the WP from 1971 to 2001 and he is also the first opposition politician since Singapore's independence in 1965 to win a seat in Parliament.

When you see SMRT bus drivers from China that starting a strike in 2012 and Indian nationals involved in the Little India riot in 2013.
You start to wonder what do Singaporeans do in Singapore and you can help but marvelled how Singaporeans can actually survive all these for the past 5 decades while none of the politicians in parliament actually stood up for a citizen who the Prime Minister is suing.
So much for voicing and representing the people…

I understand how it feels to be discriminated here just because one is not born in Singapore.
I’m thankful for the support that new citizens have given me since young especially from 2010 onwards.
With 300K Singaporeans giving up their citizenships, the ramification is Singapore having a shrinking population so we should abandon such differences and unite together.

Just think of all the permutations such as Singaporeans born overseas to parents who are born in Singapore when they are perhaps overseas due to work?
Furthermore, more than 50% of the marriages in Singapore are not local born marrying local born.
The persistence of such difference only cause us all to fall into their trap of divide and rule.

Now that we are holding the pink I/C and that we can all vote, we should side aside our differences and unite together to vote wisely.
People who became Singaporeans in the past decade, I know life currently is good with the exception that some of the opposition together with their supporters are extreme and wanna revoke citizenships.
Still we have 3million over people, we definitely can find people who are willing and have the heart to serve without prejudice.

In spite of these, we should have the foresight and look into the future.
We may have a roof over our head now, but will our future generation?
Our future generation will have to serve NS and go for reservist just like local born Singaporeans.

When I got my A* for PSLE and A1s for GCE, my peers called me FT unhappily and things got worse after being further shortlisted from the top 200 students in Singapore for bilingual scholarship but will our children be able to have scholarships or even be shortlisted when 4 out of 5 scholarships are not even open to Singaporeans?

We have a job and thus we became Singaporeans for that’s one of the pre-requisites.
When we look at things statistically, an increased number of Singaporeans are being unemployed, long-term unemployed or even classified as economically inactive.
What will happen should we lose our jobs or should our children not have a job, what will happen to our healthcare and retirement should we continue to vote for PAP?

The opposition politicians may blame us, the opposition supporters may hurl insults at us and extremists have said to revoke citizenships.
With 3 million Singaporeans out there and about 200k new citizens, all is not lost, we will be able to find people who will have the moral to stand up and make things better.
家家有本难念的经 in the meantime, we need to educate more people and raise awareness of the issues happening in Singapore especially when all the issues in Singapore can be resolved with transparency, accountability and active citizenry.


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