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Media Release: #ReturnOurCPF – Jobs

On 9 June 2014, 6000 Singaporeans gathered against the increase of CPF minimum sum to 155k.
On 12 July 2014, 4000 Singaporeans gathered against the increase of CPF Medishield Life Premiums.
On 23 August 2014, 5000 Singaporeans gather against the usage of CPF for public housing which the government is not spending a single cent on.

On 27 September 2014, another event is being organised with regards to jobs.
Despite the people’s cries on 9 June 2014, Singapore’s Prime Minister said during the National Day rally that for next year, the number will be $161,000 for people who are turning 55 from July 1 2015.
This is unreasonable when 7 in 8 Singaporeans are unable to meet the current minimum sum of $155K.

The CPF which should be a retirement fund is being used for healthcare and housing purposes in Singapore.
No other country in this world has a government that doesn’t spend a single cent on retirement, healthcare and housing except for Singapore’s PAP government.

It is ridiculous that the government is not contributing, they are also earning profit from such transactions.
The real median basic wage growth in Singapore is negative or near 0 in the last 14 years with Cleaners, Labourers & Related Workers being the hardest hit, and their pay are at $1,000 today, a decrease in real terms of -35.5% or -3.1% per annum for the last 14 years.

From a cash flow perspective, the Government is still not spending a single cent on healthcare because MediSave contributions in a year continue to exceed all withdrawals including government healthcare spending.
When our jobs are not protected, how can we ever pay for all these ever rising cost of living?

There is no transparency and accountability towards how the government is using our CPF monies or the returns derived from CPF funds, all these despite MPs calling for higher rates, improvements to our CPF system practically every year.
As such, this event aims to highlight the inadequate measures in place to protect the jobs of Singaporeans.
#ReturnOurCPF – Jobs on 27 Sep 4pm at Hong Lim Park:

The list of speakers and programme will be released during the press conference on 24 September 2014 5pm at Artistry Café 17 Jalan Pinang, 199149
The media is invited to this press conference.
Kindly confirm your attendance.

Han Hui Hui


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