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We need to unite together with civil and public servants.

One and a half year ago, I posted this:

My plan gotta defer thanks to the legal letters the PAP government decided to send.
My neighbours and peers are now the ones with children and they are having maids to help manage the chores.
However, Myanmar has temporarily banned its women from working as maids in Singapore due to concerns over abuse and exploitation.
Myanmar - which only last year passed a law allowing its nationals to work as domestic helpers overseas - will impose the ban until an agreement is reached with Singapore over issues including worker rights and salary.

At least our women are not maids in other people's countries…
But it’s ok to have them being “maids” in our own country, collecting cardboards, drink cans, be jailed at the age of 70s for not paying S&CC, right?
So what if you’re part of the pioneer generation?
It’s you who did not work hard and hence you’re poor, they work hard so they deserve their million dollars ministerial salary, right?

Other country’s government knows how to take care of their own people, does your government take care of you?
Do you have minimum wage or independent labour unions?
Are you part of any organisation that will fight and protect your rights, salary, benefits, etc?

During the event, I said that we should unite with civil and public servant.
When I said that we need to help them too because they are our fellow Singaporeans, the crowd was silent.
People even came to not just me but the people around me asking if I’m ok because they think that we should hate them as they are bad.

Do you remember how this was “leaked” and how they have denied it?
There are civil and public servants including statutory board directors who are against the PAP’s policies.
Do you think it’s possible for us to look into every single page, every single line and every single word as well as number to find out where the flaws are?

There are people who join the civil and public sector because they want to contribute to the society.
They are shock to see what’s really going on, but they need the job so what they could do is to send us the information rather than coming out themselves.
Civil and public servants do not serve PAP, they serve us so people should stop hating them and get to the root of the problem.

Don’t condemn the entire sector just because of a few black sheep.
There are good people in there, there are solutions and proposals that once implemented can solve the problems in Singapore.
What we need is to vote the people who will implement them into the parliament so that we can have a better Singapore.

If not because of civil and public servants sending in information to us, we won’t be able to do what we have been doing.
Singaporeans claim they want people’s power and democracy.
Does your action shows that you want a change and have democracy or do you actually prefer to sticking to dictatorship?


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