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When no one tells the truth.

The media is amazing.
I wonder if they work because of money or they’ve got a passion in stalking people?

The internet is wild now.

The mainstream media is talking about the alternative media talking about the forum talking about me =.=
But only one came to talk to me.

It was like this:
Someone: what happened?
Me: They seized my notebook.
~ the end ~

And the forum picked it up.

Her notebook, her laptop, they’ve hacked it, they’ve tapped it, she was in there?
She was arrested, she was detained, she was tortured, she was and the list goes on…

Everyone spoke like as if they spoke to me, probably they should work together and we can have our Singapore's version of Sherlock Holmes.

The mainstream media didn’t quote me but how they twisted the entire thingy made me wonder where their moral is and how they sleep at night?

If only the journalists are as hardworking in digging out the annual reports of CPF funds, GIC, Temasek etc…
Do you even know the close to 100 people in parliament?
Shouldn’t the focus be on them rather than me?

All I ask for is transparency and accountability.
It’s my money in the CPF after all right?
If that’s insignificant, then #ReturnOurCPF I’ve got a list of people who wants back their CPF money too.


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