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Who am I that the bright and morning star would choose to light the way for my ever wondering heart?

Who am I that the bright and morning star would choose to light the way for my ever wondering heart?
Not because of who I am but because of what you've done, not because of what I've done but because of who you are~~~

When the there’s riot and police are cars are being flipped and burnt, the PAP government responded that “There will be lessons to be learnt and we aim to learn them and see what else we can and should do. Truth is, there will always be room for improvement. We will continue to do more to look after the foreign workers in Singapore. Just as we should for all workers.”
When peaceful protesters demands for transparency and accountability towards their hard-earned money, did the government take care of us?
Is asking back one’s money worse than flipping and burning police cars?

When one is living in poverty and is merely asking for one’s own money by protesting, the PAP government declared that “This cannot be the type of behaviour that represents Singaporeans.”
While the PAP MPs are having their million dollars ministerial salary, a quarter of Singaporeans can’t even reach half the medium income of the population. That’s more than a quarter of Singaporeans living in poverty.
Do you know how many children are being brought up by single parent because divorce rate is increasing and how many couples are separated due to financial difficulty?
If “setting a poverty line may not be helpful” then how can we identify and help these parents and children?

Many people wants back their CPF because they doubt they need to pay their healthcare bills, so we can only gather at the only venue available yet PAP MPs chose to slam Singaporeans down with "Utter disgrace and a serious lack of compassion"
Does any of the PAP MPs have any sense of compassion when they can even say “There is "no direct link" between total operation fees and doctors' salaries at public hospitals”?
Or is the PAP trying to say there’s no direct link but there is indirect link?
Do you feel any sense of disgrace or are they proud that the suicide rate is increasing proportionally with the cost of living?

When there is only one single venue available for protest in Singapore, only a retard will ask "What sort of public discourse do we want?"
Do we have any other venue of channel available?
Come on, the PAP government is the only government in the entire world who will use taxpayers’ money to sue for defamation even if you email to enquire.
How in the world can one ask for their own hard-earned money to be returned other than protesting that we now finally know who exactly is managing our money?

"One thing to want to make a statement, and another to cross the line" it’s akin to saying it’s one thing to say that CPF money belongs to us and another when we can’t touch our own money, don’t you agree?

"It was a sad day." To me, every day is a sad day.
Do you expect me to be happy when our hard-earned money is being taken away from us and not returned?
I don’t even know how can they scratch their head and wonder why are people unhappy?
Just look at the percentage of people dying naturally and those who are dying due to other reasons…

In a country where corruption is legalised and where the government lie that you can use your retirement to pay for your healthcare bills when the fact is even c-sect gotta be cash, it’s easy for them to say others have “unkind and unruly behaviours"
What do you expect from a government who rather spend money to hire internet brigade instead of helping the poor and needy?

Before we even talk about “an act of tyranny against freedom of expression” just wondering if using taxpayers’ money to sue citizen for defamation is tyranny or arresting people via the police or ISD is tyranny?
Statically, how has the CPF system allowed Singaporeans to lead a better life than before and retire?


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