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I don’t see a need to reply to the ibs anymore.

Today, I’ve got a lot of emails.

Instead of them being from the mainstream media, I got them from the alternate media.

I don’t see a need to reply to the ibs anymore.
I don’t ban or block anyone, including Jason Chua.
Instead, he went to unfriend our mutual friends and created fake accounts to tag us instead.
There’s no need and no end to banning and blocking accounts because they will just create more fake accounts to spam, what’s the point?

I know the MSM published negative things about us.
However, there are journalists who’ve sent me their articles and how they were being changed by different people, there are journalists who wrote articles that one just have to read between the lines to get the true story.

In the world of the internet, there are many liars and faceless people.
They go around telling blatant lies like I’m jobless, am I supposed to clarify them?
Yes, I did. I clarified them during my events.

Did you watch all my videos?
Did you read all my blog posts?
No, that’s why you’re asking.

I’ve been fighting lawsuits for five years and I blog about them, did you read?
No, you didn’t, and so you’re shock right?
If you can’t be bothered, then why should I clarify every time some anonymous people write in an article?

I don’t mind being portrayed as a homeless, jobless, and even useless person.
For the simple fact that it’s not who I am.
This image is created by them to discredit me so that I’ll lose credibility.

Nonetheless, I walk on the road, people recognise me and they don’t see me as the above mentioned.
I thanked them for respecting my wish to keep my private life private.
There are things that I’ve revealed, you can watch the videos, hear the speeches or read the blog.
For the things that I didn’t, I will do them when the time comes.

In the meantime, I would like to focus on more important things rather than clarify allegations made by cowards who dare not identify themselves.
If you would like an account from people who know me, here’s Nora who’ve spoken at HLP:

She blogs at and her entry about me coupled with her opinion was re-published on TRS here


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