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5th year of giving

Many things happened recently.

This post is dedicated to say I’ve did it again:

This year, I’ve given to half a thousand beneficiaries.

It feels good to be able to give and I hope to be able to set up NGO or a foundation soon :)

All these were done in my personal capacity.

The sad thing is people rather have photo opportunity than to really help.

When events are successful, they took the credit and I didn’t mind.
Now that we are charged, everyone is saying all these were my idea.

I’m so powerful huh?

Now that I can see the true colour of the opposition, I haven't decided if I should expose them.
When opposition said that they fought for the CPF and finally reveal that I was the one who came up with the whole idea when they took credit when it was successful, it makes me think that they've got no stand.

Of course, I have no plan of revealing anything at this moment, I’m gonna wait till the trial is over and when the outcome is finalised.
As my haters would say:
Han Hui Hui will just be Han Hui Hui.