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First surgery, 6 stitches.

I had my first surgery today.

It was… hmmm…

I wanted to be put to sleep but the people who accompanied me said it’s safer not to.
I had one person sitting in the operation theatre and I could smell my blood throughout the entire process.

The doctor told me that he will inject 8 anaesthetics.
But half an hour through the process, I felt pain.
Guess what?

The doctor was like “the metabolism in your body burn out the anaesthetics very fast hor” he said normally, people burn it out in 3 hours but I took half an hour, then he started injecting more.
I saw the needle and I was like, forget it.
For the rest of the surgery, I felt the pain and everything but I didn’t tell the doctor.

In my mind, I was like, I’m supposed to be giving birth this year, I want my first child this year, but yeah…

With all the lawsuits yearly… I can’t.

I wanted to work today but people are like “you better don’t go to work hor”.
I’m supposed to stay at home for half a month but well, I’ve to meet the supporters’ tmr.
Ok, I didn’t tell anyone that I went for surgery except for those close to me, probably the supporters’ will know tmr.
Probably they won’t because people don’t really notice my behaviour.

The cost of the surgery is 2k.
I found the cheapest in the entire Singapore, it’s actually cheaper than in government hospital, it’ll cost around 3-4k.
It’s actually twice to trice the amount in private hospital.

Thankfully, I found a doctor who is starting out with a degree from an overseas university.
He’s now working part time once a week while being the assistant of another doctor.
So I’m kinda like his guinea pig but I think it’s ok because he’s very passionate about being a surgeon in this particular area.

I took 3 X-rays, two days of consultation over the X-rays.
Some conversations over how we’re gonna do it and so on.

The entire process took 2 hours.
During which, my mind was like is giving birth gonna be more painful than this?
If yes, how painful will it be?

Feeling giddy and some pain now, GTG~


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