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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Thanks be to above for this week of recovery.

I’ve got my six stiches removed, 12 holes are bleeding.
Not bleeding as much, they just bleed, the skin dangles, and white fluid comes out.

Doctor: did you swell?
Me: this yellow thingy?
Doctor: oh, yes yes yes
Me: ok
Doctor: is it painful?
Me: are there people who don’t feel pain?
Doctor: oh, I mean is it very painful?
Me: how long will it last?
Doctor: about one month

In my heart: you told me three days, it ended up one week, now you’re telling me one month, trusting you is like trusting the PAP =.=

The probability of me having my first child by 23 is as close as zero now.

PS: not gonna go court tomorrow, health comes first.