Author of Yearning For Justice: A Mother's Musings To Her Future Child  
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Welcome 2015.

It’s a brand new year, a brand new start.
Let’s look at things from a brand new perspective!

Would you like your child to be born in a village that only has one hospital where the hospital does not have a single air-con and a fan is a luxury?
It’s a new year, let’s say something nice :)

Have you ever been to Switzerland?
It’s nice there, from the weather to the environment and even referendum.
But will you work till you get the Swiss standard of living?

Most probably you won’t, which is why you end up with the Swiss cost of living instead.
You want referendum?
Do you know how much you’ve gotta read in order to know what you’re voting for?

The Swiss transport system is great!
It’s ready for war every single day.
On the other hand, how ready are you should there be a break down?

You’re unhappy, you complain.
You know what?
People work to get to where they are, did you?

I do see you work, working for others rather than your future.
I even see you not protecting the future of your children!
Don’t worry, just “protect” your job.

Just so you know, you can own properties as young as 18 in Singapore, including HDB.
You can own a HDB flat at the age of 18 in Singapore if you fulfil and sign the relevant documents.
You can legally own a flat as young as 21.

Have you ever buy a house and go through the renovation process?

Have you ever manage and take care of a household?

Have you ever open your letterbox just to pay your bills?

If you have, think about is this what you want for your children?

Perhaps ask yourself, are you working in sweatshop where they are the boss and you work at least 5 days a week while your living condition doesn’t improve and the place that you stay gets smaller and smaller?


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#YearningForJustice : A mother's musings to her future child