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Read the “right” thing. Watch the “right” movie. Have the “right” intercourse.

In Singapore, one has gotta read the “right” thing.
The Media Development Authority a statutory board under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) even created a framework where websites must put up a performance bond of $50,000, similar to that required for niche TV broadcasters to ensure this.

In Singapore, one has gotta watch the “right” movie too.
Political exiles featured in a documentary that cannot be shown in public or distributed here should not be allowed the chance to air their own "self-serving" accounts.

Now, we’ve gotta have the “right” intercourse.
A film explores the power dynamics in the protagonists’ budding relationship, with an emphasis on the conflict caused by the male protagonist’s preference for bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism (BDSM) sexual practices versus the female protagonist’s desire for emotional intimacy is allowed even though it depicts how she is slowly initiated into the unconventional sexual practice by the man.

Despite the film contains several sexual scenes where some form of BDSM practices are depicted. For example, the male protagonist is shown tying the female protagonist’s hands to restrain her movement, prior to caressing her body with tools like feathers or a flogger to sexually arouse her. Some spanking and whipping are also shown, but these are either implied or kept brief. In one of the stronger scenes, the male protagonist undresses the woman and whips her with a belt as a form of punishment. The whipping is not enacted on screen with the impact conveyed through the woman’s pained expression. In another fairly prolonged scene, the male protagonist handcuffs the woman to a metal structure and hits her with a leather crop before tying her hands to a bed post and thrusting against her from behind. Female upper body nudity and sexual thrusting can also be seen in the sexual scenes.

Even Lee Kuan Yew also speculated on the possibility of reintroducing polygamy as a way of increasing the `superior' gene pool. Although polygamy was one of the thorny issues in early Singapore, against which activist women's groups had agitated, and which was subsequently outlawed by the Women's Charter, Lee Kuan Yew was reconsidering it as an option. Speaking to an audience of university students, he said that polygamy would provide the opportunity for the mentally and physically vibrant to reproduce.

So yeah, BDSM is allowed.
But no, gay marriages are not.
Anyway, Singaporeans like to be tortured which is why they voted for the PAP the past 50 years right?


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